Our mission

Supporting companies in developing their business


Via bespoke Machine Learning based solutions for real time analysis and optimization.

Simplifying the extraction of valuable insights from the company’s data and exploit them to improve business decision making process.

Tuning solutions on the specific company needs and business goals, providing innovative optimization tools.

Our main services

Innovative data discovery platform to be delivered either self service
and tailor made analytics

Extract context-aware insights to instantly provide forecasting and learn optimal strategies for problem solving through machine learning and reinforcement learning approaches

Brands analysis, document management and search engine optimization with Natural Language Processing, machine learning and deep learning techniques.

We find the right solution


 for your business needs.



A great team

Academy background

Professors and Researchers of Operational Research and Computer Science with experience in:

deploying Artificial Intelligence solutions based on computational models within different problems and industries.

Industry background

Professionals with strong and long-term with experience in:

digital marketing & communication
customer value and expectation management
business intelligence and CRM

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