Text data analytics

Brand analysis services:

  • Sentiment analysis: get insights about how people perceive your brand or product on main social media (youtube, instagram, facebook)
  • Influencer identification: understand who is your main supporter or opponent on social media channels
  • User contagion: simulate how you can influence the network of “your users”
  • Fake news detection: obtain alerts on possible fake news or fake rumors about your brand or product

Document management services:

  • Summary Generation: The better version of your information will be generated by extracting the most important parts.
  • AI-powered chatbot: help your clients or employees to easy access to your documents (manuals, guidelines, etc….).
  • Document Tagging: Browse your documents by tags automatically extracted.
  • Semantic Categorization: classify your documents (news, posts, etc…) into your own categories for an easy access to what is of your interest

Search engine optimization services:

  • Keyword extraction : A Deep Dive Into your website keywords to increment your visibility
  • Business categorization: understand which websites are ranking for a keyword important to your business category.
  • Competitor & Partners identification: find the keywords your direct competitor are targeting and identify them